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Close the Gap On Lack

Wayne Dyer would ask “how can I serve?”, yet the mantra that has directed me the most clearly through difficult times has been “what is the best for me, is the best for everyone.” So I have to remember to stop and first ask myself “am I doing this for me?” I recognize now, how saying these words help to shift my focus back to a positive and desirable outcome, invoking the Law of Attraction in the best possible way. It is a good reminder, particularly as a writer to refocus my thoughts towards an idea, one of helping me remember what it is that I am learning, so that I have the clarity and the understanding to first write about it then to be able to – eventually – teach others what I have learned. 
It is my understanding that when it comes to Law of Attraction, you can only influence you. You are not able to influence the outcome of others. You have to practice looking at the world completely because of what you have thought about. So even when others show up in your life worried and …

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