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Perfect Reflection

We perceive a place within them that resonates deeply within ourselves—a vibrational recognition of inspiration—and they have much to offer us. We recognize their high spiritual energy, which longs to be active in our life. When we feel this resonance, it’s reflected in a feeling that’s similar to a warm, soothing shower that’s running deep within us.” Wayne Dyer

I am beginning to really grasp this concept of reflection in its many and vast presentations.
Have you ever been told “you can only be angry at yourself”?  Or would you believe me if I told you that every conversation you have is just a reflection of what is present in your own vibration?

I read a quote today from Maryam Hasnaa that offered another perspective on this concept and it really intrigued me. “When you feel a void from missing someone, what you are actually feeling is missing the connection to yourself that you have when you are with that person.

Said in another way, when you deeply love or appreciate someone, you ar…

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