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Pause For Reflection: Going Out of Your Comfort Zone

It was only a few years ago that I was one of three parents trying to feed an entire gymnasium of families dinner. This insanely hectic experience created the story in my mind where I told myself “I have no interest in being a parent volunteer ever again”. As I had told many of you in the past, I was "planning on steering clear of the parent advisory committee" and I certainly had no intention of helping fund raise. Even the word, fundraising, sends shivers down most people’s spines, it did to me as well. But less than a year ago, that story changed for me. I had a shift in perspective. I found clarity about enjoying the journey and not only my journey but participating in the journey on behalf of others.   Let me explain, it’s a bit of a long story, but bear with me, because I hope you will appreciate my thought process by the end. I have a history of a lack mindset and in the past few years I have been seeking to undo this. To attract, or rather, recognize the

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