Week 30 Maxi Skirt

I'm starting to implement small changes in my daily routine towards a less car-driven lifestyle. Choosing to walk whenever I can is reminding me of how much I enjoy not driving. You see so much more when you walk.
 I've been noticing the incredible social support network that is in our community, from prebirth to senior care and so much between. I've also noticed which trees and plants have a strong ability to stain the sidewalks below where they grow. 

These observations re-new my interest in using alder leaves to create an Eco dye for my fabric this week. 
Zero-waste is about recognizing what is naturally abundant in your surroundings and finding value and purpose in that, 
and there is an abundance of alder trees growing around our home. 

I am also recognizing the effortless style of a maxi skirt.  I needed to know if I could create one from one yard of material.
 I did so this week by cutting out my front skirt pattern on the bias and pieced together the back and waistline facing from the remaining material. I put a zipper in this skirt, which for sewing might be the equivalent of parallel parking for driving. But despite my lack of confidence, I love sewing using the bias. It gives movement and stretch to fabric that can often seem stiff and dull. 

So with my front and back skirt pieces sewn, my son and I went down the hill and gathered a bag of alder leaves and cones.  I sandwiched the leaves between the two pieces of damp fabric, folded and rolled them up, then put them on the steam for two hours. 
I am excited to try more Eco dyes, but even more excited to try a maxi skirt with a jersey knit fabric, without a zipper. 

I am that I am. 


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