Week 51 Earth Day

Something is not waste until we decide it is. So when you think about zero-waste design, it is possible to create something that does not in and of itself use all the material available.  The off cuts are not necessarily trashed, but could be used for other, smaller items. Right down to the smallest fibre being used to make paper, for instance. 

This multi level approach of waste redirection hasn't been my focus during the past year. Instead I've been trying to elegantly or not, not create waste at all. This process has made me very aware of the other, non garment related waste in my household. It has brought my attention to the resources available for recycling and how that is shifting. Most of all, it has made me more aware of how we consume, in our society, and the many health issues that consumption has created. 

I had to look it up today, what the history of Earth Day is. We are nearing the 50th anniversary, in 2020, and what has been accomplished in those 46 years? As a species, we have acknowledged many wrongs we've made in the past and moved toward correcting them. Our lack of acknowledgement about our own garbage and our desire to consume are issues we all individually need to evaluate and correct together. 

I am that I am. 


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