A Year In Review - Part I

This post is maybe more for my own purposes but hopefully for your pleasure as well. It still boggles my mind that each of these garments, with the exception of 3, were created from the identical amount of fabric. It is a testament to the variety of clothing that can be made out of one yard of material and this collection hardly "scratches the surface".
I don't know that I've ever really explained why I chose zero-waste design as a constraint for this project. Or why I chose to constrain myself at all. It stems from my studies in Industrial design. As a student, we were tasked with design briefs that outlined what working with a potential client would be like. Part of this design process was to identify what the constraints were that would shape your ideas. They are helpful in guiding your design and reaching a desirable product, but they are also helpful to control the variables and push the boundaries. 
Packaging, to me, is an interesting part of Industrial design. Like fashion design, the outcome is a 3-dimensional product formed out of a 2 dimensional plane. (Sorry, that's the physics talking!)  A few years back, there were design competitions that challenged designers to create furniture out of one piece of 4x8 plywood. The results were inspiring! Could this "flat pack construction" constraint be applied to clothing design?
I then discovered zero-waste fashion and I'm not sure I can ever make another garment in the traditional sense ever again!

I am that I am.


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