Week 8 - Strawberry Pants

Pink pants, pink flowers and pink champagne all combine to create a wonderful Mother's Day. As a mom of two toddlers, strawberries are very popular in our home. We can, or they can, easily eat a one pound carton of berries a day. Of course the top of the strawberries need to be trimmed off before consumption, so need less to say, a bag full of strawberry tops can accumulate quickly.

Popping all my berry bits into a pot, I covered them with water and set them to boil. The aroma that filled the air was that of cooking jam, a fully sensual delight!  With the resulting liquid, I dyed my fabric and threw in one of my husbands white t-shirts to use as the rollover waist band on the wide leg pants I was imagining. Delighted again with the delicious colour, the zero-waste pants came to together quickly and with pockets to boot! 

Top 10 things I am grateful for that my Mom has given me since I've become a mother. 

10.  A mattress cover
9.  A washer & dryer
8.  Big bath towels
7.  Shout stain remover
6.  The skills to sew
5.  A Magic Bullet
4.  Her cookie recipe
3.  Her banana bread
2.  Granny panties
1.  My belly button

I love you Mom!  Thank you!

I am that I am.


  1. Kerri, I love these! They look so comfortable. Amazing!


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