Week 17

I am subconsciously re-created designs I've already done in weeks prior. Not until I finished cutting out this dress did I make the connection that it is very reminiscent of my Week 3 Simplicity Tunic.
 The flutter sleeves and the bodice shape are very similar, just without the shoulder seams.  In this dress I was able to use the side cuts to add length to the tunic, creating an overlapping, curved hem. 
I added a long dart under to bust to give the front of this dress a small amount shape. 
The circle that was cut out to become the neck line was also used to face it. 
Finally, the only remaining piece was a small petal cut out from the key hole neck at the back.
After painting it gold, it was sewn on as an accent.

While I sat with my son as he fell asleep, an idea finally came to me to help me decide how I wanted to finish this dress.  My son has been collecting eagle and other bird feathers for me every time we go to the beach. I also knew I wanted to use the gold spray paint to embellish this dress further. So a symbolic feather necklace was what I wanted to try to create.  

By creating this "necklace", I think that it is a good time to acknowledge that, even though it was generations ago, within me is a Cree heritage. Until now, I've not spent anytime understanding what it means. I now know that it does not grant me the privilege to wear an eagle feather, but it is does seem time I educated myself.  Scratching the surface I find the following description (link here);

"The sight of an eagle soaring high above the earth, flying with the cloud people, is a powerful experience. In Aboriginal tradition, the eagle represents the strongest of spiritual powers, and when the bird dies, these powers remain in the feathers, claws and body parts."

I am that I am.


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