Week 19

As follow up to last week's pattern adaptation, I decided to focus my attention on another draped front top. This style has been a favorite of mine since I was 20, when I bought a bias cut, black crepe evening gown, while studying in New York.  I still own it today along with a couple of similarly styled dresses, including my wedding gown. 

The pattern turned out to surprisingly elegant (I've posted the details on my Pinterest page if you want to duplicate it or just have a look). The main component was a large arc that split the yard of fabric into two pieces. The off cuts from the front and back pattern pieces then became the sleeves with a dropped shoulder. The detail of how the back folds over the shoulder is reminiscent of a raglan sleeve. 

This top is quite flattering on many body types. There is ample room in the bust, yet also works well for smaller chested women. The ruching at the waist gives shape to curves but could possibly even work for maternity clothes. 
Finally the 3/4 length sleeves are functional for petite to tall sizes. 

I knew I wanted the draping in the front to be two toned. I also had the dye bath left over from the dress in Week 17.  Folding the fabric in half, I immersed all but 10 inches of the dry fabric into the dye. I refer to this as a second run. The color, not nearly as deep or consistent as the first run dye, came out almost textured and patterned with lots of variation. 

I am that I am. 


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