Week 23 Part 1: Men's Shorts

There were veggie burgers, a baby blue tuxedo shirt and a trip down into my crawl space. The timeframe is somewhat skewed as to how it all came to be, but these were the inspirations for the following two pieces. 

I had it in my mind that I would create an outfit. A pair of items in baby blue. I thought I would have to buy some dye and combine two yards of fabric to create my "vision".  As things unfolded, my inspirations took new forms from what would soon become dinner!

I stumbled upon a bit of magic while making veggie burgers (recipe included here.) I saved the water that I had soaked a couple of cups of raw black beans in overnight.  I had seen it done, but after testing a small piece of fabric in the water, for just a few quick minutes, a soft pastel blue stained the material. I quickly cut another yard of hemp cloth and split it in two. With one half in the raw black bean water and the other half in water the black beans were cooked in, I had created blue and grey fabric to work with.

I had also created an interesting challenge for myself by splitting the yard into two colours prior to determining what they were destined to be. Once it clicked that I would make shorts, I was able to manipulate the pattern pieces and the fabric to cut out a colour blocked layout.

Check back next week to see how this relaxed and beachy men's look is completed. 

I am that I am. 


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