Week 24 Part 2: Men's Tank

This really began in my garden. Getting back into it after a few weeks away, I was shocked (and embarrassed) to discover how much morning glory was growing in every direction. Hoping such a huge amount of plant material might be useful for something, I threw the tangled mass in my dying pot and let it boil. 

The morning glory tea, created a soft yellow dye. With this, I dyed some hemp summer cloth from my scrap collection. Combining this with the undyed yard of fabric, I created a hooded tank top. 

The yellow material was used as trim and in the hood. Additional undyed pieces were sewn on like stripes to add visual interest and texture to the tank top. One stripe was "accidentally" dyed blue when it was used as a test piece for my new favourite natural dye, black beans. 

The resulting soft palette of colours and boxy shapes are perfect for the beach. 
These zero-waste designs lend themselves very well to men's wear and are worthwhile revisiting and reworking. 

I am that I am. 


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