In my searching for outward creation, I have turned my journey inward, seeking understanding of universal creation.

More recently in my exploration of Law of Attraction, I have found myself asking "what is the name of this sensation that I am feeling?" It feels like connection, like alignment, like clarity. It also feels like joy, exhilaration and deep knowing all at the same time. Abraham Hicks refers to it as our connection with source energy. Deepak Chopra calls it synchrodestiny. Others call it our higher self or simply love. One of this most interesting understandings I have come to know along the way, is that we all travel on this path at our own pace and even though our definitions and experiences may be different the meanings are the same. For me the definition was always with me, I am only now ready to understand it. I call it "Soham".

In Kundalini Yoga, there is the Shiv which is the universal energy that is non form and from this emerges the Shakti, the feminine desire to create, from which everything emerges into form. Similarily, as described from the tantric perspective, Soham represents the power of Shiv and Shakti. Soham is the combination of two words, ‘Sah’ meaning ‘He’, or the representation of the almighty Shiv, and ‘Aham’ meaning ‘I’, or the awareness of self. Therefore Soham is the process of merging, our becoming one with the universal self, not ever different from it.
As inhalation and exhalation from a breath, Shiv and Shakti form the universal power.” This metaphor speaks to the ease of creation we all can access within ourselves. As simply as we breathe in, we create our reality and with each exhale our creation dies and returns to the super consciousness. We can simply change our thoughts with each breath. 



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