Close the Gap On Lack

Wayne Dyer would ask “how can I serve?”, yet the mantra that has directed me the most clearly through difficult times has been “what is the best for me, is the best for everyone.” So I have to remember to stop and first ask myself “am I doing this for me?” I recognize now, how saying these words help to shift my focus back to a positive and desirable outcome, invoking the Law of Attraction in the best possible way.  It is a good reminder, particularly as a writer to refocus my thoughts towards an idea, one of helping me remember what it is that I am learning, so that I have the clarity and the understanding to first write about it then to be able to – eventually – teach others what I have learned. 

It is my understanding that when it comes to Law of Attraction, you can only influence you. You are not able to influence the outcome of others. You have to practice looking at the world completely because of what you have thought about. So even when others show up in your life worried and complaining about their child’s participation in extracurricular activities for instance, you can only take responsibility for that conversation finding its way to you. You might at first want to tell them to change their thoughts on the subject, think better things about how they imagine their child participating or imagine a positive interaction with their child once the activity is done. But the irony is that what you tell them is of no consequence to them, since it is your point of attraction that has brought this conversation to you. You have to change your thoughts about the conversations you want to have with others in general. If you would rather have more deep and meaningful conversations about how our thoughts create our reality rather than hearing someone complain, you need to imagine already having had them. 

Since everything becomes a reflection of what you have going on as your point of attraction, it can and will only be about you always. But once you recognize this, you also simultaneously recognize that you or I or the individual self is part of a greater whole that is universal consciousness. There is no distinguishing between the singular ”I” and the oneness of creation. This is for another book, at another time. 

So what am I learning today? To close the gap on lack. That is what I woke from meditation thinking about, how goals generally indicate lack. They are future thought, not present moment. It is a tricky disguise they wear since they look exciting and they propel us forward. But in their essence, goals remind you quietly what you don’t have and they make you question how you are going to get them. This is all seems to go against what the practice of Law of Attraction is, in that when you are inspired to desire something, we are taught to practice the feeling of already having it and let the universe work out the details of how it is going to come to you. This might drive an organized person crazy telling them not to think about the where, what and when of how their new idea is going to be fulfilled.  

Do you have to change your personality to believe in Law of Attraction? Well no, but Law of Attraction will echo your thoughts about where you are at this moment and if in this moment you feel that you are lacking because you have not yet achieved your goal despite all your efforts, then you will continue to feel lack in the next moment because that is what you have set yourself up to see in the world around you. For instance, I have been reading The Secret and last night I came to chapter on weight loss titled The Secret and Your Body. It was very differently formatted than the rest of the book so far. In previous chapters, there have been numerous comments from various voices woven together by the narrator on certain themes, yet in this chapter, the voice is strictly the narrators.

Her words on weight loss very much echoed my own struggle. I was surprise at myself as I read this. I had not yet applied the knowledge I have about the Law of Attraction to my own personal body image. “The first thing to know is that if you focus on losing weight, you will attract back having to lose weight, so get ‘having to lose weight’ out of your mind.” I have been so focused on losing weight since both of my pregnancies that I was actively conscious of how overweight I was. With every meal that I ate and every activity that I did, I was logging them into my phone app to help me reach my weight loss goal. I was putting in the effort to change my behaviors and my eating habits but I had overlooked the most obvious change that needed to happen, my thoughts. As Rhonda Byrne put it, I was thinking “fat thoughts, and it became my experience”. Now I know that I can let go of those limiting thoughts that I literally have been holding on to as “baby fat” and imagine myself as my ideal weight. I can trust that I will be this weight and maintain it easily, appreciating my body, my activities and enjoying the food I eat along the way.



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