Week 25 Smocked Ruffle Dress

According to the Smocking Art Guild of America "smocking fundamentally is the manipulation of fabric using needle and thread."
There are so many beautiful treatments that can be done with relative ease when one slows down to apply them. 
Fabric manipulation; pattern manipulation; slow fashion. There seem to be endless avenues to explore, which continue to excite me each week of this 52 week project. 

This is my first attempt at smocking which I learned by following the illustrations from this tutorial
The dress is an adaptation of a pillowcase dress from the Dress A Girl Around the World tutorial.
This is a wonderful organization that encourages people to donate their handmade dresses and then gives them to the less fortunate around the world. 

Even though this little dress will stay in my home for my little girl, to be truly sustainable, it is imperative to balance the environmental, economic and social impact of any initiative. 

I am that I am. 


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