Week 26 Eco Print Mini

This is the half way mark! Week 26 means that it's been half a year since I began this project. I wish to say "Thank you!" to those of you who have followed me along on this journey and allowed me to just create.  "Welcome!" too, if you are just reading for the first time. 

Looking back at my first post and the goals I set out for myself, I've kept to the constraints of zero-waste and one design a week. But I know for the second half of this project, I could really step it up and challenge myself. I feel that in a quest for "good design", I can get in the habit of over simplifying and I often take the easy path. 

As for my goal "to inspire", I find myself humbled to find so much inspiration in others. This mini dress, for instance, was inspired from a girls Ehku top with cute gathered cap sleeves. If I created these sleeve caps from the off cuts of the armholes themselves, I would have a simple solution to what is a common problem in my zero-waste pattern design. 

The process of Eco dying my yard of material created a muted, earthy pattern mixed with an unexpected addition of steamed circles upon circles.  

These seem to be the result of the steam mixing with the usnea fungus (old man's beard) creating a sort of resin that bonded to the fabric.  Even though the color and detail are not rich, even half a year later, I am always pleased when I achieve even the smallest amount of success with a natural dye. 

Moving forward, summer fades to fall, and the bigger issues of sustainability and eco design still remain. I feel like I am always thinking about my role, and as confused as I find myself, I believe that as a consumer, I have the greatest impact.

If I can be so bold as to set some new goals for myself; by the end of this project, I would like to take all of these garments and put them on display. Also, as I mentioned above, I really need to take greater risks and challenge my design, drafting and sewing abilities to hopefully make greater design discoveries. 

I am that I am. 


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