Week 34 Layered Cami

This style of pattern was recommended to me for this project as it easily fits into the zero-waste constraint. It took me awhile to understand the construction until I saw the drawing in the following link. http://www.popcouture.fr/tuto/tops-et-robe-evases-a-pointes/

Now, I am so in love with this top pattern, especially once I recognized its simplicity. There are minimal cuts and a very easy layout. The top came together quickly with the dying process taking the most time. 

From my yard of fabric I cut two large squares and two smaller rectangles. There are so many variations of this layout, that can be zero-waste, depending on the amount of fabric chosen. Yet with similar construction, each garment would have its own unique look. 

I am especially pleased with how feminine this top looks, with ruffled shoulder straps and flowing layers creating the bodice. This is definitely one pattern I will make again and again!

I am that I am. 


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