Week 36 Chenille Pencil Skirt

When you think of chenille, images of plush robes and bedspreads come to mind. Thick and soft tufted fabric, calling out to be touched.  This skirt was inspired by this softness, in order to demonstrate how hemp fabric can be as soft as any cotton fabric can be. 

Hemp fibre hasn't quite broken free of its association with the rope that was made from it during WWII. Often, when people refer to hemp fabric, it might be something like a burlap bag that is thought of. 
But technology has improved the feel of this tough and coarse fibre to a variety of fleece, silk and knit softness. 

The colour of this skirt, although not dyed naturally, is the result of a black Dylon product. With the process filter on the photo, the blue colour is accentuated, but in actuality, the colour is similar to a black denim. 

I am reassured that it is possible to attain such a dark and evenly dyed final product after struggling to attain this. It seems that heat and constant agitation creates a uniform colour, whereas a cold water process dye gives much more colour variation. 
I will continue to seek out a natural dye with the same results, but I am pleased with the overall finish of this slim fitting pencil skirt. 

I am that I am. 


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