Week 35 Tulle Party Skirt

The past week and weeks to come are full of parties and celebrations! As the holidays approach I tried my hand at a Carrie Bradshaw inspired, zero-waste little ditty. 

Carrying on with my quest to find a black dye, I used a store bought package dye to try to fulfill the imagery in my mind. 
This tulle circle skirt is made from one yard of hemp/cotton fabric and four yards of black tulle. Even with the package dye, I struggled to get the deep saturation of colour that I seek. 

Instead I got a mottled grey, almost purple, with distinct spots of pure blue as well as pure red. When I studied in New York, my class toured the offices of Jones New York. I remember there being a dedicated colour specialist, who scientifically matched shades of blacks in fabrics used in coordinating tops and bottoms. I was fascinated that such a position existed. The variations are great, although maybe not noticeable to the untrained eye.

Noticeably here, with all of the extra fabric attached like a crinoline in between and under the layers of the skirt, the concept of a full tulle skirt remains better than the execution. Nonetheless the party must go on!  Thanks for reading. Xoxox. 

I am that I am. 


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