Week 44 Duster

I should probably reiterate my desire to take on a project like zero-waste design. I don't imagine garbage is something very many people consider, most of the time, when purchasing clothes or other items, or even making use of a service. In my previous occupations, I came all to close to what was thrown away each and everyday having to literally "take out the trash". My mind was always searching for alternatives, items that could be removed from the waste stream and used in another way. But all to often, their were no other uses or ways to recycle, or even proper avenues to dispose of hazardous waste. In certain industries, the task seemed too great for me to have an impact. 
But with fashion design, specifically zero-waste design, I truly believe that I can make a difference or in the very least, be a part of the conversation. There is a zero-waste movement underway and it is gaining momentum. 

Inspired from the above camel coloured duster vest, the fabric was soaked in orange pekoe tea overnight. I remember a friends mom showing me how she would dye white elastic using tea bags to create nude coloured straps for her daughters dance costumes. 

This vest is a little more tailored than other garments in this project but could benefit even more from additional interfacing. The oversized collar uses the entire 36" width of the fabric. The long hem of the duster vest is from the lenght of the fabric. 

I am that I am. 


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