Week 45 Storage Pod 2a

A few weeks ago, I drafted up a pattern for a storage pod. Although I was pleased with the outcome, I also had a few thoughts about how it could be improved. 
So this week, I've revisited that pattern and implemented those changes. The outcome is neither zero-waste nor hemp, so bear with me as I am stepping away from my project parameters briefly, to better understand the construction of storage pod. 

This was the pattern from Week 42 that used quilting and pleats to achieve the structure of the pod. In order to add fullness to the overall shape, I took half of the above pattern and fanned it open. 

Using remnant fabric that compliments my daughter's bedroom decor, I cut one outer pod piece and one for the lining. 

I stitched the centre back seams together to create a funnel shape then put two rows of basting stitches around the wide edge to gather it. 

Once gathered, I cut a circle out of the off cut to enclosed the pod. 

Repeating this with the lining, the two pieces fit together to form a reversible storage pod. I then cut a piece of contrasting bias tape for the hanging loop and to finish the opening edge. 

The structure in this pod comes from the choice of fabric as well as the large amount of gathering at the bottom. 
By creating this next draft of the storage pod in a conventional construction manner, I can now fully understand how to take this pattern one step further and re-draft it again to create a zero-waste pattern. 

Stayed tuned for the zero-waste re-draft!

I am that I am. 


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