Week 45 Storage Pod 2b

This is it! The zero-waste re-draft of the storage pod. As I said at the beginning of the last week, "I am stepping away from my project parameters briefly, to better understand the construction of storage pod."  Now that I have explored how to create the angled opening and the fullness of the pod, it is so easy to construct it with zero-waste, and adapt the pattern to the quantity of fabric available. 

For this pod, I used a 60" x 44" sarong. Folding it into quarters, my pattern from my 2nd draft fit easily on the fabric. 

I cut one full 44" lenght piece, 2" wide to create the tab and the binding. 

I replaced the curved opening, originally adapted from a sleeve pattern, with a diamond shape, in this case 7" x 7". This is where adjusting the size of the opening can be correlated to the amount of fabric being used. Here, there are two pieces of fabric, 44" x 29", but if the fabric was 36" x 20", for instance, the opening could be reduced to a 5" square. 

When the centre back seams are sewn together, there are two long edges left to be gathered. The 7" square cut for the opening, is now used to attached the gathered edges to. 
Putting two of these together and finishing the opening with the 2" bias tape, there is the perfect amount of fabric left to create the hanging loop. 

I am that I am. 


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