Week 48 Spring Tea

This has been such a fascinating process. Almost a year in and I barely feel as though I have scratched the surface. Limited only by time and access to unlimited quantities of material, I could easily see myself exploring the relationship of fabric and the figure indefinitely if I could continue without creating waste. 

This racer back tank uses a yard of fabric in its entirety with three circles of cut out material to create the form. Two for the armholes and one, elongated, for the neckline. Draped over the body, the volume of fabric falls to the front. 

At this point, there seem to be endless possibilities as to how one could manipulate the fabric and the figure. 
In an ongoing exploration of the twist top, I chose to envelop the volume behind a twist. The detail became hidden again by the fabric rose created from the circle pieces removed for the arms and neck. 

I would like to take delight in all the little pieces that came together to make this week's top whole. Fabric roses, earl grey tea and racer backs, to name a few. Yet the bigger picture is like a shadow over my small efforts to really try and understand how to produce anything at all. With the exception of wearing nothing at all, there are few items of clothing that don't, somehow, negativity impact our environment. Multiply that by the billions of people on our planet, our need for economic consumption and it all seems greatly out of proportion. 

The question now remains is how do I proceed?

I am that I am. 


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