Week 46 The Knot Top

This is week 46 and it is all about the knot. With 6 weeks left, there are a few concepts that I really need to try. Concepts that I'd really like to understand and apply to zero-waste fashion. Concepts that I'd like to master! Right! 
But there is also so much to review. This has been an incredible process of discovery that I am still in the midst of. 

There have been compliments and criticism, questions and complications!
But undeniably, profound insight into how enormous the question of sustainable design is. Yet at the heart of this question, I have found comfort in knowing and connecting with others all engaged in this discussion. 

Support has been worldwide! Which is unexpected and wonderfully surprising, a telling example of what it means to be a part of the World Wide Web. I am so grateful to everyone that has taken notice of this project, whether it was just for a moment or if you have been with me, dedicated, from the beginning.  You have, in so many ways, inspired me.

For so long, I have tried to separate hemp from cannabis, or marijuana. As long as I've been passionate about how sustainable a fibre hemp is, I've encountered so much misunderstanding, confusion and criticism because of its relationship to marijuana. But in this past year, through this hemp/marijuana relationship, and through this project, I have come to see what a huge, supportive community pro-cannabis individuals are. So, this week, I want to say "Cheers!" and thank you for your support. "Legalize it!!"

So this is the knot top. I did not cut my yard of fabric at all to create this. Rather, I twisted the fabric, sewed together a few inches of width to create a tube, then positioned the twist at that intersection. The rest of the top was formed by draping and top stitching. I know this explanation does not provide much detail, so if you are interested in understanding this design better, please let me know as I have photos each step of the way. 
Finally, there are still what seem like an endless amount of natural dying to try. The olive green colour of this top was a successful attempt at dying with broom. An abundant species that creates bounds of emotion for lovers and haters alike. Not unlike cannabis. 

I am that I am. 


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